Olympus Marathon
  Sunday 20 April 2014  23:56
Olympus Marathon 2014 Registrations       


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Limited number of 100 entrants for non-Greek residents


11th Olympus Marathon

29 June 2014

Olympus Marathon is a unique trail running event held annually on Mount Olympus, the Greek mythical “Mountain of the gods”. The route revives the pilgrimage of ancient Greeks to Mount Olympus, where they ascended every year to honour and sacrifice to Zeus. The race starts the last Sunday of June from the sacred city of Dion, at the sunrise. Athletes retrace history and myth across the paths of the Mount Olympus



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Olympus Marathon Registrations for OM 2014.
Posted by naya on 12/12/13 (774 reads)


December 16, 2013


Registration for the OM 2014.


Registration for the Olympus Marathon 2014 to be held on 29 June will start on 23 January. Any person over 18 years of age (completed by the day of the race) is entitled to participate in the Olympus Marathon. This year the limit of 600 athletes is set, out of which at least 100 shall be non‑Greek residents, whatever their nationality. The registration period will end latest on 15 May regardless if the number of participants is reached or not.


The essential condition for participating in the Olympus Marathon is a previous experience in similar races (mountain, trail, fell). Non-Greek residents must have completed at least one mountain/trail event of more than 30K in the last two years, in a country other than Greece. Applications not having this qualification shall be rejected and partly refunded (25 Euros). The participation fee is 50 Euros and must be paid at registration time online exclusively by credit card.


Participants must know the race rules and regulations. You can find them here. The Organization suggests each registrant to read them thoroughly.


From The Olympus Marathon Committee


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Olympus Marathon ΟΜ 2013 photos
Posted by naya on 22/08/13 (505 reads)

The distribution of OM 2013 photos will start on Monday the 26th of August. Each participant will receive via –e-mail (the one given during registration) a link to download from Sky Drive his personal photos.

All e-mails will be sent till the middle of September.

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