Registration Form Olympus Marathon

Apply for Olympus Marathon® 44K


Please, read the race regulations carefully


The following terms are basic and you must accept them before proceeding to register for the race

1. Men and women over the age of 18 are eligible to participate in the race

2. Each athlete has the absolute responsibility for his/her participation in the race, in matters of health and safety

3. Applications with deliberately false information and the obvious aim of deceiving the organization are rejected

4. Each interested to participate in the race must know the regulations.

5. Each athlete must fill in his application the qualified races that took place in the last three years

6. Entry fees are payable during the registration period ONLY online by credit or debit card

Participation fee:

January 28 – February 11: 50 euro

February 12 – May 9: 60 euro

May 10 – May 31: 70 euro

7. There is no possibility of refund in case of cancellation of participation.

8. In case that the participant does not take part in the race, the Organization will send the athlete package (to the address stated in the registration application) after the end of the event.

9. The Organization of the OM communicates with the athletes exclusively by email, therefore interested parties are advised to pay attention to the correct completion of the electronic contact address.



I give my consent to the organizers to use my personal information (name, age, country) for entering the list of participants, results and statistics. I also give my approval to the organizers to use my photos or videos from the race, or any other recording without having any financial claim.




I have received and fully accept the regulations