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⚠We hereby inform you that, according to the Health & Safety Protocol for Olympus Marathon 2021, as approved by the General Secretariat for Sports and published on 5 June 2021, and pursuant to a decision by the Organizing Committee, the Board of Directors and the event's Health & Safety Committee, it is MANDATORY to demonstrate a negative Rapid or PCR Covid test taken up to 48 hours prior to the race.

⚠Test certificates shall be accepted only from certified laboratories and EODY units. See the following link for information: https://www.gov.gr/.../bebaiose-arnetikou-diagnostikou...

⚠The certified company First Aid Ambulance will be available to perform Rapid Tests in Litochoro Park, at a cost of € 10 per test.

Self-testing declarations will not be accepted.

👉Consequently, each runner must submit the following to the Secretariat:

1. Statutory Declaration (available at the Secretariat)

2. Disclaimer (available at the Secretariat)

3. Identity Card or Passport

4. Negative test certificate

⚠Race packs for runners registered but not taking part in the race, can be collected by third parties, provided the registered runner informs the organizers accordingly, at info@olympus-marathon.com

👉This year’s event schedule is available at the following link:


Please, be advised that the registration procedure for three races of this year Olympus Marathon event, was totally closed on the 14th of June 2021. No any more change is acceptable.

This year Olympus Marathon Trail running event is running under the special conditions, always following the Health Protocol approved by the Greek General Athletics Committee.

We remind you, that in accordance with the Health Protocol, Olympus Marathon 2021 race that will take place on the 26th of June, will have two races with the limited number of 300 athletes the each one.


👉You can see the final list of the participants with bib numbers and the blocks of the start here:


🔹block 1.1 – bib numbers from 1 till 50 – start at 05:30

🔹block 1.2 - bib numbers from 51 till 100 – start at 05:40

🔹block 1.3 – bib numbers from 101 till 150 – start at 05:50

🔹block 1.4 – bib numbers from 151 till 200 – start at 06:00

🔹block 1.5 - bib numbers from 201 till 250 – start at 06:10

🔹block 1.6 - bib numbers from 251 till 300 – start at 06:20

🔸block 2.1 – bib numbers from 301 till 350 – start at 07:20

🔸block 2.2 – bib numbers from 351 till 400 – start at 07:30

🔸block 2.3 – bib numbers from 401 till 450 – start at 07:40

🔸block 2.4 – bib numbers from 451 till 500 – start at 07:50

🔸block 2.5 – bib numbers from 501 till 550 – start at 08:00


The athletes will be delivered to the start point by buses, provided by the Olympus Marathon. All the participants of the race will be informed about the time of the departure of their bus during the bib number and race pack distribution.

👉Please, stay tuned to be informed about all the necessary information about the race.


Litochoro 16/6/2021


Olympus Marathon is a unique trail running event held annually on Mount Olympus, the Greek mythical “Mountain of the gods”. The route revives the pilgrimage of ancient Greeks to Mount Olympus, where they ascended every year to honour and sacrifice to Zeus. The race starts the last Sunday of June from the sacred city of Dion, at the sunrise. Athletes retrace history and myth across the paths of the Mount Olympus.


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