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We inform you that from now on,the registrations will be valid only with the use of credit/debit card.

Registrations for OM 2018

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Olympus Marathon 2018 will be held on the 23thof June.
Registrations for non-Greek registrants will open on the 23rd of January and will last till the 15th of May 2018. Criterion to register in the race will be previous participation to the race, participation at two trail running races of at least 23km and 1500m + trail running races, or a trailrunning race above 40km, in the past 2 years.

The regulations and the registration regulations of the race can be found at the official web site of the race at the race menu Regulations and Registration regulations.

OM 2015 photos

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The distribution of OM 2015 photos will start on Monday the 3th of September. Each participant will receive via –e-mail (the one given during registration) a link to download from Sky Drive his personal photos.


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The Greek Mountaineering Clubs of Dion, Karitsa, Litochorou and Leptokaria,besides the task of cleaning the trails, will welcome athletes at the stations. More specifically, the Greek Mountaineering Club Karitsas, for the fourth consecutive year, will staff the station, Orlias. The Greek Mountaineering Club of Leptokaria will welcome athletes at KOROMILIA station, whilst the DION FIRE DEPARTMENT volunteers, as in many previous years, will receive athletes at Xirolaki and St. Constantine . The Thessaloniki Runners Club will once again welcome the athletes at the Petrostrouga Station. The Heads of the shelters "Christos Kakkalos" and" Spilios Agapitos" with the assistance of volunteers, will welcome the runners, while the manager of the Spilios Agapitos shelter, Dennis Pourliotis will ensure safe passage of the difficult parts of the route under the peaks.

At stations throughout the route, athletes who have previously run the OM,but who wished to offer their services, will be found. More than 300 volunteers either in organized volunteer groups or as individuals will support the organization of the OM.

The marking signs of this year's OM, which will take place from Thursday, June 26, will be held under the surveillance of athletes who have run the OM in the past.

The sponsorers of the 11th edition of OM are as follows :

Buff ®, Salomon, the Powerbar - Dimitriadis (energy gel), the pharmaceutical company Novonordisk, the SoloBars, (organic bar Greek "origin"), the EraEnergy, the GASTRODROMIO Olympus, natural mineral DIOS water and delicious fruits Protofanousi.

This year's race is supported by the Cooperative Bank, and the Peripheral unit of Pieria.

The photographer of the event, once again will be from " GoExperience ". Photos of the event will be send to all participants via e-mail.

Litochoro, 06/08/2014

Inscripcion para el marathon del Monte Olimpo de 2014

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December 16, 2013

Las inscripciones para el marathon del Monte Olimpo de 2014 que tendra lugar el 29 de junio empezaran el 23 de enero. Toda persona de mas de 18 anos de edad puede participar en el marathon. Este ano el limite sera de 600 atletas incluidos al menos 100 no-residentes de Grecia, cualquier que sea su nacionalidad. El periodo de registracion terminara lo mas tarde el 15 de mayo, sea o no alcanzado este numero.

La condicion esencial para participar en el marathon es de haber tenido una experiencia de mismo tipo (montana, trail, fell). Todo no-residente de Grecia debe haber cumplido al menos una carrera de montana/trail de mas de 30 kilometros durante los dos ultimos anos en un otro pays que Grecia. Los candidatos que no tienen esta cualificacion seran rechazados y parcialmente reembolsados (25 Euros). El derecho de participacion es de 50 Euros y debe ser pagado en el momento de inscripcion online, exclusivamente por tarjeta de credito.

Los participantes son supuestos conocer las reglas de la carrera. Las pueden leer aqui. La organizacion aconseja a todos los participantes de leerlas atentamente.

El comite del marathon del Monte Olimpo.

Inscription pour le marathon du Mont Olympe de 2014

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December 16, 2013

Les inscriptions pour le marathon du Mont Olympe de 2014 qui aura lieu le 29 juin debuteront le 23 janvier. Toute personne de plus de 18 ans peut participer au marathon. Cette annee la limite sera de 600 athletes parmi lequels au moins 100 seront des non-residents de Grece, peu importe leur nationalite. L’inscription se cloturera au plus tard le 15 mai, que ce nombre de participants soit atteint ou non.

La condition essentielle pour participer au marathon est une experience de meme type (montagne, trail, fell). Tout non-resident de Grece doit avoir accompli au moins une course de montagne/trail de plus de 30 kilometres au cours des deux dernieres annees dans un autre pays que la Grece. Les demandeurs n’ayant pas cette qualification seront rejetees et partiellement remboursees (25 Euros). Le droit de participation est de 50 Euros et doit etre verse lors de l’inscription online exclusivement par carte de credit.

Tout participant est cense connaitre les regles de la course. Vous pouvez les trouver ici. L’organisation conseille a tout participant de les lire attentivement.

Le comite du marathon du Mont Olympe.

Registrations for OM 2014.

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December 16, 2013

Registration for the OM 2014.

Registration for the Olympus Marathon 2014 to be held on 29 June will start on 23 January. Any person over 18 years of age (completed by the day of the race) is entitled to participate in the Olympus Marathon. This year the limit of 600 athletes is set, out of which at least 100 shall be non‑Greek residents, whatever their nationality. The registration period will end latest on 15 May regardless if the number of participants is reached or not.

The essential condition for participating in the Olympus Marathon is a previous experience in similar races (mountain, trail, fell). Non-Greek residents must have completed at least one mountain/trail event of more than 30K in the last two years, in a country other than Greece. Applications not having this qualification shall be rejected and partly refunded (25 Euros). The participation fee is 50 Euros and must be paid at registration time online exclusively by credit card.

Participants must know the race rules and regulations. You can find them here. The Organization suggests each registrant to read them thoroughly.

From The Olympus Marathon Committee