Getting to Litochoro.

Macedonia National Airport of Thessaloniki (SKG) is the closest airport to Litohoro, the center of the Olympus Marathon event.

From Macedonia National Airport of Thessaloniki you can choose the following to get to Litohoro:

1. Train to Litochoro.

Take a public bus* (line 78) to go from the airport to the railway station (0.90 euro), or get a taxi (around 20-25 euro).

There is a train to Litochoro almost every hour (ticket 9 euro). Please note that the train station in Litochoro is located about 6 km outside the village so, you will need a taxi to get to the village (around 8 euro).

Τimetable of the train departures from Thessaloniki's railway station :

05.37, 06.40, 08.00, 09.20, 10.22, 12.58, 14.25, 15.37, 16.17, 17.14, 18.37, 20.05, 21.47.

2. Public Bus

Take public bus* (line 78) to go from the airport to the public bus station also called the KTEL station. The cost of bus 0.90 euro, or taxi around 35 euro to get you there. Then look for the Pieria Region ticket office (you can ask anyone there to show it to you, just say Katerini, Litochoro). Buses depart almost every hour for Litohoro (the busmakes a first short stop in Katerini city) and it stops directly at the center of Litochoro village.

3. Taxi to Litochoro.

Cost 120-130 euro. A transfer can be arranged for you upon request

4. Car rental.

*The bus station is located just outside the arrival gate. You can get a bus ticket from the automatic machine inside the bus but you must have the exact change, 0.90 or 1 euro with you